Living Life with Kidney Failure (ESRD) Continuing To Journal My Journey

To live life to the fullest means facing your fears with bravery, an open mind, and a lack of prejudice. It means making the most of what you have and never settling for less than the life you are capable of living. It means being truly alive and awake to life and not asleep in life’s waiting room.

So I ask you Lá Tanyha:??? Are you Living or just going through the motions?

When I learned of my condition in battling Kidney failure (ESRD) I had decided that I’m going to Live my Best Life no matter what…That I would use my voice and platform to Educate, Empower as well as Inspire others to do the same through adversity…A Better You One Day at a Time!!!  LTB YELLOW

Please don’t get me wrong…Once the doctor’s came in to share there diagnosis of me suffering congestive heart failure, a mini stroke, high blood pressure along with kidney failure ESRD…then being rushed to ICU…it was at this point all my family was in the room a realm of emotions gripped my body. My eyes began to whelp up with tears… I was scared…not to mention in total disbelief (Being hospitalized for 3 weeks) I remember going into a deep prayer… And the Holy Spirit gave me this reminder came…“He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty.” Psalm 91:1 download in my Spirit…It was on this very day in June 2018 that my FAITH was being tested…That my life would be modified drastically from my diet, lifestyle, along with my outlook on life changed.

Right now I’d like to raise awareness about  Kidney Failure, chronic kidney disease 
When it comes to vital organs, hearts get all the love, but kidneys are just as essential to keeping us healthy. They are our body’s small, but powerful, chemical factories; working 24/7 to remove waste and keep our blood pressure in check. As a matter of fact, when kidneys stop working, so do you. LTB TREATMENT

I will be journaling my journey of battling kidney failure… my prayer is that this will help those who are challenged with this disease. Today is dialysis treatment…it’s intense, but necessary- after my treatment, I’m literally in the bed for the rest of the day… Pressing forward..In order to stay ALIVE and awaiting on a kidney donor- I have to go 3x’s a week for four hours for Hemodialysis treatment… Hemodialysis is a treatment to filter wastes and water from my blood, as my kidneys did when they were healthy.


March is Kidney Month I will be joining the National Kidney Foundation for the 2019 Long Island Kidney Walk! You can support my efforts by making a small donation today on my behalf Kidney Walk! PLEASE CLICK ON KidneyWarriorLaTanyha  to donate…Thank You for your continued support in my fight.


That Diabetes and high blood pressure is the most common causes of kidney disease and chronic kidney failure. Go get tested!!! Know Your Kidney Numbers: Two Simple Tests

There are 5 stages of kidney disease most people with early stage kidney disease do not know they have it…If you haven’t already done so… the best way to detect or be tested is simply with a blood and a urine test.

Blood work. Blood work results will show abnormalities – mainly a slightly elevated serum creatinine.

Urinalysis. Urine will show abnormalities. Urine can be checked by dipstick in the doctor’s office (as an initial check), and followed up with a more complete urinalysis.
Again, I want to impress upon you to have that annual physical and GET TESTED!!!

Here are some helpful things to discuss with your doctor at your annual physical. 

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  1. I believe that the same Holy Spirit that gave you the reminder that you are under the shadow of the almighty is the same one who will give you the insight to your healing. All you have to do is give thanks for the insight ahead of time and just wait, KNOWING it will come to you. God Bless and Keep you consisently.

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