Authorpreneurs 7 Tips to Journal The Journey-Tell Your Story gain Brand Visibility’ by Lá Tanyha Boyd

RYB ACADEMY GRAPHICS (22)I’m on the road often and what better way to Tell My Story and communicate with my community then through social media journaling/sharing my travel experiences with my community-

It was while on my cruise vacation in the Bahamas that gave me an idea for my next book. I find that it’s helpful to come from behind the desk regroup-release- refresh – and site see –  Let’s do this exercise together breathe in, breathe out smile and enjoy the view.

Take a walk in the park- during the winter months build a snowman- go to the beach- site see in different cities – countries- learn about other cultures-experience different foods on your palate – Get those creative juices flowing for your next NOVEL.

You’ll also hear me say this often “In order to gain Brand Visibility you have to make some VIRTUAL NOISE”

Here are some suggestions in increasing your Author Brand Platform and Increase Content Building: 

1) Live Streaming- Is a game changer in building your author brand and voice
2) Still Photos- People do eat with their eyes – pictures tell a story
3) Mini On the Spot Mini Interviews – Adding content- audience engagement
4) Graphics that POP – A picture is worth a thousand words
5) Audio Live Streaming — Lending to your author brand voice
6) Turn your Journey Into an e-book – Maximize author brand product
7) Grow your Blog and Blog It- Greater brand reach/audience Brand Awareness



You may find these 3 Book Writing Tips helpful in your Author Journey: 

1) Decide what the book is about

2) Set a set time to work on your book

3) Set a daily word count



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Rock Your Book Academy Blog! - The Power of The Pen Empowering Author's to Fulfill Purpose-Brand Globally and Maximize Profits hosted by Là Tanyha Boyd an Award Winning Branding, Marketing Book Coach and Founder/CEO of Rock Your Book Academy, LLC. She is a 4x’s International Bestselling Author and host of the International Talk-Radio Show, Jump Start Your Day on I Worship 96FM. Ms. Boyd, has over 20 years of outstanding expertise in Strategic Online and Social Media Marketing, Leadership, Branding and Self-Publishing. As the Chief Executive Officer of Rock Your Book Academy she has initiated creative marketing, branding and communication solutions for non-profit organizations, small businesses, start-ups, ministries, indie/self-publish authors and corporations. Lá Tanyha was recognized as one of the 2017 recipients New York State Senator Leroy Comrie Celebration of Women Author’s Honoree. Rock Your Book Academy Virtual Tours is one of the top existing Virtual Book Tours businesses off and online. Là Tanyha is serving emerging authors and national bestsellers to tell their story, create and Rock their brand messaging using their book on a global scale that will maximize their exposure and grow their business while building relationships.
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