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authorpic.jpgWorking Mom to Blogger…Can you tell us a little about yourself?

I am a 25 year old, working, single mother to an extremely smart and beautiful little girl. I am a writer and content creator who has newly entered entrepreneurship and am extremely excited about it! I am in the in the process of building my business and brand, first through Mom’s Cafe Blog, which readers may recognize me as XoBri LeeXo… or simply Bri.

How did you come up with idea for Mom’s Cafe Blog?

Wow. Um, there are a number of factors that sparked Mom’s Cafe Blog, I am not even sure where to begin telling the story. Of course, my daughter is my ultimate inspiration in all of this…

Motherhood has been around since the beginning of time. I am definitely not the first or the only one to experience it’s trying moments and hurdles. In this, I felt the push to share. Share not only in the form of an outlet, but I really felt it on my heart to share for someone else who may be experiencing the same things as I have. Or to even learn from other mothers who have experienced far more than myself.

When you become a mother…especially for the first time, you are basically feeling your way through this thing. There is no handbook to motherhood, BUT if you are in an environment, where you can freely and safely ask the questions, or learn some ‘tricks of the trade’ if you will, from someone else, it can ease the journey.

I wanted to build that into a community where myself and moms alike, can do that and also high five each other for our success’ and jumping over those same hurdles.

Since beginning your blogging journey, what would you say was the biggest challenge thus far?

Honestly, the biggest challenge since blogging was actually starting the blog. Not in the sense of anything technical…but in the sense of actually pushing myself and stepping out on faith for this new project.

I am very excited and optimistic about this new journey I am in! The rest of it’s “challenges” I am immensely enjoying. The opportunity to learn and grow everyday is something that I am grateful for.

On the ‘one-month-a-versary’ of Mom’s Cafe Blog, I am so honored and happy to announce that Mom’s Cafe Blog has been nominated for the 2017 Liebster Award!!!! Read our acceptance blog post!!!

In January 2018 We are happy to announce we have been nominated for Sunshine Blogger Award.

What valuable lessons do you want readers to learn from your blog?

I would like my readers to walk away feeling empowered and encouraged. I would like my readers to feel that they are not alone. Whether we admit it or not, sometimes us mommas can feel pretty isolated. I would like my readers to know, hey, sometimes we’re going to want to have an adult conversation and lose the baby talk for a good 5 minutes and discuss the adult issues together and that’s OKAY.

I want my readers to learn and teach, from…which brand of detergent gets stains out the best, to overcoming post par-tum depression or finding our identities again. I would like my readers to find assistance on both spectrum’s of the scale.

One of our most popular blog post is titled ‘Explaining Finances to Your Child,’  

I’m also excited to announce Mom’s Cafe Blog latest news!! We are truly humbled and honored to announce that I (XoBriLeeXo) will be featured as an contributing writer for the first ever issue of iWorship96 Radio’s magazine!

What do you think is the best service a blogger can provide to their reader?

I believe the best service a blogger can provide to their reader, is honesty and transparency. Also, self reflection. If you are blogging to help others, constantly reminding yourself of your wonderful intentions and asking how has this helped someone today?

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