5 Biz Lessons Learned by LáTanyha Boyd, #RockYourBrandCEO

LATBOYD Brand Knowledge added value nw (8)What is your #1 Life/Biz Lesson Learned? One of my greatest lessons learned early on in Business/Life is to “Work Smarter-Not Harder!”We all need a system in place to stream line our daily activities and/or work.-Listed below are some of my suggestions, that I find to be very helpful:

Social Media Automation

Social media Automation is ‘KEY’- This free’s up your time, yet allows you to be consistent in giving your Brand a Voice.

  • Automation Software and Apps: The easiest way to automate social media is by using automation software and apps. These include HootsuiteBufferSproutSocialHubSpotSocial Oomph and Social Flow. Each tool may have unique features of their own, but essentially they all allow you to schedule social media posts in advance and monitor your accounts when someone mentions your brand or leaves a comment. Tools like Zapier and IFTTT. Basically, these resources make it possible for apps, systems and websites to talk to each other. For example, you can create a “zap” that automatically posts new WordPress posts into your Facebook page.
  • Frequently Asked Questions: As a Marketing Book Coach, I find myself answering the same questions constantly from clients. What I started to do was, create a PDF  File list of frequently asked questions to refer my clients to. This will save time for you to be productive in other ways in your business.

By way of a recommendation I would select one tool and see if it’s a good fit for your business needs. Bonus if you’re on the go like myself most of these tools have apps allowing you to stay up-to-date with your community.

Taking Mini Breaks

  • Break-Free & Take-Time-For-Self: Give yourself a break every once in awhile throughout the day to restore your natural state of harmony/calm and to rekindle your creativity. Structure your day to take advantage of your peak performance times.
  • Healthy Meals & Exercise and Fresh Air: Eat healthy meals, drink plenty of water, even go for a walk. You may even take 5-10 minutes during lunch time and get some fresh air. With a bit of exercise during the work day, you can help you actually focus longer during the day.

Guard Your Time

  • The Power in Saying No: You are the only one who can guard your time. There are only a certain number of hours in a day, and you can’t fill them up with things that don’t benefit your business. It’s hard for some people to ‘Say No.’ Instead, you might find it easier to say no, because you’re saying “yes” to something else more important. You have to guard your daily calendar like a guard dog, or you won’t be very efficient.
  • Learn To Delegate:Outsourcing is a great in working smarter not harder- Try a virtual assistant or hire a freelance writer to do some of your tasks to free yourself up for revenue-enhancing work. Delegate tasks to interns are applauded as the driving force behind a successful company. They learned that working smarter not harder is essential in business.

Daily Task Rituals

  • Peace Be Still:  Allow time for self care by practicing daily journaling, meditation, prayer, exercise or some other form of quiet time just for you where you can go to reflect, plan, relax and envision your day ahead.
  • Daily Task Manager: Arrive early to the office this will allow you to relax from morning travel-getting the kids off to school-etc. Before starting your work, begin your day with a ritual that will help ease your mind. I do a breathing exercise (Breathe In-Breathe Out this helps to clear the morning clutter of stinkin-thinking) This could also be a time that you enjoy a cup of tea, coffee, read the paper or just relax outside for a few minutes. At the end of the day, you should have a closing ritual too. Make a list for the next day, straighten your desk or back up the computer.

Good Night’s Sleep

  • A Restful Evening: Small breaks and power naps can never replace a good night’s sleep. A suggested six to seven hours of sleep at night is deemed best in order to work at peak productivity. A tired body and mind may not get work accomplished, as well as a rested body and mind can. While there might be times you need to get up early, you may want to counter that with an early bedtime to protect your sleep.


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LàTanyha Boyd, has over 20 years of outstanding expertise in Strategic Online and Social Media Marketing, Leadership, Branding and Self-Publishing. As the President/Founder of #RockYourBook/FAB Virtual Tours Branding/Promotions/Marketing Co.; she has initiated creative marketing, branding and communication solutions for non-profit organizations, small businesses, indie/self-publish authors and corporations. Visit website:

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