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LaCricia A`ngelle is the National Bestselling author of Girl, Naw! Positive Deception, and It Ain’t Over, Inspirational novels published by His Pen Publishing. In her fourth novel Journey to Love, also published by His Pen Publishing LaCricia A’ngelle delves into the Romance arena with a message of love and hope. Her fifth novel entitled  Sophomore Mom is scheduled for release in the Spring of 2017. A Chicago native, currently residing in Atlanta, this wife, mother, and top selling author is on the rise to the top!

With a writing career that began when she was just a child, LaCricia A`ngelle quickly realized that God had blessed her with an unrelenting love for the written word. She has taken her childhood talents of writing songs, short stories and even a non-fiction book as a teen, and evolved into a powerhouse novelist who has matured in her craft thanks to God’s continued grace and HIS pen, which helps her put the words together.

When asked about her genre of choice, LaCricia A`ngelle responds: “As an Inspirational/Romance Author, my goal in every piece of written work I produce is to entertain, uplift and encourage my readers. My characters face real situations, and I write so that anyone who reads my work can get something out of it.”

Whether young or old, when you read a LaCricia A`ngelle original, prepare to laugh, cry, pray, and stop to say “hmmm.”

LaCricia A’ngelle, tell us about your book?

I am National Bestselling Author, LaCricia A’ngelle. I am the author of five novels, including my newest release Sophomore Mom. Sophomore Mom is a novel loosely based on my experience as a teen mom. At the age of 16 I noticed there was a huge buzz concerning teenage pregnancy. It was all over the television, in magazines, newspapers etc.

The thing I noticed most was that there were a lot of adults talking about teen pregnancy, most of which had not experienced it. Being a teen mom myself, I decided I would be a voice for teen mothers. I started to write a non-fiction book entitled Teenaged and Pregnant, a teenager’s story. Out of fear, I tossed the book aside.

How did you come up with idea for this book?

I later began my career as a novelist. With all of the books I wrote, the teen pregnancy book never left my heart. After much prayer, I decided it was time for me to become transparent, and to finally tell the story. My work as a novelist allowed me to adapt the story into one that could be read, and understood by people on all levels of life.

What valuable lessons do you want readers to learn from your book?

My hope for Sophomore Mom is that it will impact the lives of many. I desire to discourage teen girls from becoming pregnant. Encourage those that currently are pregnant to know that they still have a future, and to let those that may have been a teen mom know that although it was tough, they made it. Many women are walking around burdened because of their role as a teen mom. I hope Sophomore Mom will be a tool to help them to forgive themselves, and to move forward. Finally, I would like to bring awareness to sexual abuse in children.


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Fifteen year old high school sophomore, Lianna Champion, deals with the same everyday struggles of classwork, peer pressure, and special projects as the other teens walking the crowded halls of Triumph High School. The similarities end once the bell rings signaling the end of the school day when she heads to the daycare center to retrieve her baby girl.

Overcome by both verbal and non-verbal attacks regarding her pregnancy, Lianna reveals her history of sexual abuse to her teacher. Her revelation sets off a firestorm leaving her mother angry and seeking revenge while Lianna struggles with life as a teen mom. Will she have the strength to move forward amid the chaos, or will she succumb to the predictions of the naysayers and become another statistic?

Get your copy today: Sophomore Mom by LaCricia A’ngelle Link: http://a.co/65x9xr6

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