Pursuing A Balanced Life by Lá Tanyha Boyd


“Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth.” 3 John 1:2 (KJV)

Finding balance in life is a realistic and important goal. However, sometimes there are hiccups and bumps in the road, and life feels out of control. When this happens it’s usually because you are not getting your needs met or you are not aligned with your values. When you’re out of sorts life feels out of balance.

Remember that “Should Have Had V8-Commercial” where people were walking sideways due to lack of a healthy balance diet?

Well, it’s the same effect when your life is off track; You feel as though you’re walking sideways!

Balance is a feeling derived from being whole and complete; it’s a sense of harmony. It is essential to maintaining quality in life and work. Your life is made up of many vital areas which include your health, family, financial, social, career, spiritual, personal growth, romance and more.

These six steps can help in bringing balance to this journey called life.

  1. Peace Be Still:  Allow time for self care by practicing daily journaling, meditation, prayer, exercise or some other form of quiet time just for you where you can go to reflect, plan, relax and envision your day ahead.
  2. Healthy Meals & Exercise: Eat healthy meals, drink plenty of water, get adequate rest, and take care of your personal hygiene. Go for a walk. You may even take 5-10 minutes during lunch time and get some fresh air.
  3. Break-Free & Take-Time-For-Self: Give yourself a break every once in awhile throughout the day to restore your natural state of harmony and calm and to rekindle your creativity. Structure your day to take advantage of your peak performance times.
  4. Establish a support network: It’s ‘OK’ to ask for help and receive it. Enlist family, friends, neighbors, professionals, and others to help you as needed.
  5. Keep the main thing the main thing: When your life is over-complicated and your plate is too full there’s little space for what truly matters. Stop over-scheduling and over-committing; by working smarter and not harder. Begin eliminating things from your life that really aren’t important to you. There’s no room for personal growth, positive energy, love, or even breathing at times.
  6. Celebrate Your AchievementsIt’s ‘OK’ to celebrate your accomplishments! When you celebrate your accomplishments, you feel good about yourself. The good feeling that you get reminds you that accomplishments/milestones is a good thing.

Enjoy life by instilling healthy habits into your daily life. Find ways to relax, relieve tension, have fun and minimize stress.Prayer and preplanning can provide the wisdom and flexibility we need to balance our lives.

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Founder of #RockYourBook Rock Your Brand| Missionary| Empowerment Coach| Inspirational Speaker| International Radio Host| Blogger| Book Marketing Branding Expert|Publicist| Bestselling Author Lá Tanyha Boyd, is living her dream and walking in her calling to empower, and inspire others in“Living in the Now;” the abundant life. Author Lá Tanyha, has traveled around the world via the airwaves as an Inspirational Speaker delivering messages to jump-start your day and vision, all the while infused with Faith,Hope, & Determination leaving you with a mindset of I CAN DO THIS! Challenging others to Take Action to go higher in their careers, fulfill their goals and walk in their purpose. Là Tanyha Boyd, Bestselling Author of ‘Rock Your Book: 10 Ways To Market Your Book Like a Rock Star!’and Spiritual Food for Thought: 31 Inspirational Quotes to Jump-Start Your Day along with an effective audio teaching she shares powerful tools and strategies to Jump Start Your Day in lighten that “Mental Load-of Stinkin-Thinking” that has kept you bound.–Visit her Jump Start Your Day Inspirational messages at: www.latboyd.com

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7 Responses to Pursuing A Balanced Life by Lá Tanyha Boyd

  1. This was a GREAT post! Thank you for laying out the strategy for us to maintain balance!


  2. #4 I am still getting used to as I have spent most of my life as a loner with only myself to depend on Wonderful post I am still living so I will continue to learn and follow the lead of other to help guide me on my quest to BALANCE along with purpose


  3. Toy Parker says:

    Great post! My journey to a balanced life is a continuous one but I must say my greatest lesson learned is the important value of setting healthy boundaries. This has helped me trememdously.


  4. brnbarbie says:

    Awesome! Wonderful advise to balance our lives! What a necessary tool!


  5. After reading this post, I think I’m truly gonna start journaling AGAIN….it’s a good tool for daily meditation, reflection, and preparation


  6. Marcella Moore says:

    Awesome Sis! I have to practice balance every day because my days are full. The older I get the more I realize that I owe it to myself to live a balanced, fulfilling and whole life. If we practice what you share, we will find ourselves more open to God’s wisdom, direction, understanding in our lives. Thank you for this article, it is timely, necessary and quite relevant. Be blessed.


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