#NewRelease Tarnished Dreams by Madelyn R. Bass

Madelyn, tell us about your book? 

Well! “Tarnished Dreams” started out a journal entry after I had lost custody of my Son, splitting our 2 children at early ages (Daughter 3 and Son 4)! I had prayed about it through out along with my church family and friends. God said no! HE had another plan! This story is a short form of my Journey as a Single Mother and Believer. A story I live daily because it keeps me encouraged to go on, a reminder that life will get hard, but it is preparation for what’s ahead. About a year later things began to get very challenging and a child I was taught “What happened in the past stays in the past!” So much of my life I had to just handle the things in my life and I became very dependent on GOD! So on that night after my son was taken from me, I sat at my Word processor at the time! (lol) and I began to write my feelings down and crying the entire time. I didn’t realize that it would later be a novel (almost 20 years later). Sharing my Journey one Novel at a time!

How did you come up with idea for this book? Book Ad

The idea came when I was much younger and I wanted to do something to help others know that you can make it! I became very ill in 2011 and lost my jobs, for a year I could barely walk without assistance, I spoke as though I was Special, I could barely hold my head up without assistance for about 7 months and I was have 2 to 5 seizures a week! After losing my job and unable to keep a job because if this Season in my life! Things began to look very slim. I prayed for GOD to Move in a mighty way because I was about to be evicted, Income was slim (Savings/401k depleted, checking overdrawn). I was on a pray call as was told that my story was to be published! Tarnished Dreams had been sitting, drawing dust for about 12 years at this time. So I reluctantly moved forward in publishing! God Sent, person after person to help with little to no cost and within 38 days I was a Published Author! My life was literally an “Open Book”!

What was the most difficult aspect of writing this book? 

The most difficult aspect of writing this book was the Emotions that went with all the Editing and Editing and still Editing! Seriously.. I had zero experience of what to do or how to go about being a Author! Although this part of my life was over and the outcome is Amazing the memories were very challenging at times! I was Mentally exhausted some nights because I had to pray continuously so that I would not get pulled into the moment while writing and adding to each chapter. I had not intention to deface anyone so it was difficult to leave out a lot of things that had occurred and have the story make sense and keep the interest of the reader. Forgiveness was required in the process because I had moved forward from all that had happened in those 18 years!

Why do you write?

I write to clear my head of the things God has assigned me to do! Ideas, Poems, Sayings and Devotionals! There are so many circumstances, situations and heartaches I have gone through starting at a very young age! God has been the only one for me to share with, my most painful and difficult times in my life. He has walked me through each and every on of them! I would write to know that I am not crazy, if something were to happen to me that my story would be told. The secrets that I was taught should never be told because we were Christians! I battled with this for years and I promised myself that I would remember without hurting so that when my children would not have to carry that load, that burden with them for the rest of their lives! I write because my life is not my Own but the LORDS! My purpose, the reason my life has been kept by HIS Hand is so I can help, encourage and inspire others to KEEP GOING in Christ!

What valuable lessons do you want readers to learn from your book? 

Valuable Lessons I want readers to learn from “Tarnished Dreams” and all that follows! To know that in spite of the choices we make in life and the consciences we endure, whatever journey you are on (divorce, single parenting, abuse, illness, addictions). The path you are traveling, KNOW that God has a plan and He knows what He is doing! To accept and receive Christ as your Savior will require hard, painful events in your life or someone around you! Pray Continuously, Pay Attention to the Voice of God, Trust your Spirit and Be excited to know God LOVE is ETERNAL! I need you to know our lives are not our own and sometimes our Dreams will become Tarnished. Stay focused on the LIFE He has given you and your PURPOSE for Living! I need each of them to see The Strength of a Relationship with a Living and Loving GOD!

Who are your favorite authors? 

Who are my favorite Authors… Wow! That’s a hard question! If I had to choose a Favorite it would have to be John C Maxwell! His view on Leadership is great! Max Lucado “Just like Jesus”, T. D Jakes “Instinct” and Percilla Shirer “Discerning the voice of GOD” (Great Read/Study)

What book(s) are you reading now?

The book I’m currently reading or studying is more like it is “Living Beyond Yourself” by Beth Moore

What books have most influenced your life? 

The Books that have most influenced my life are of course the Holy Bible it is a Guide I have used in every situation of my life! “Jesus Calling” Devotional by Sarah Young, “Purpose Driven Life” by Rick Warren and “Experiencing God” Study Book by Blackaby & King! “Discerning to Voice of God” by Percilla Shirer. Just to name a few!

If you had to choose, which writer would you consider a mentor?

 If I had to choose only one writer as a Mentor it would have to be Sarah Young! She is truly inspired by the True Word and Spirit! She inspires me to know that the Word of God is without a Doubt the Guide in Life Daily if we allow Him to Lead us as He promised! “I will never leave you nor forsake you I am with you even to the end of the earth!” Matthew 28:16-20

Any advice to give to aspiring writers?

The advice I would give aspiring authors is to START and FINISH! No matter how challenging it is or becomes, complete your assignment! (Tell your story!) Don’t allow the small things to get in the way. Familiarize yourself with social media, have your PR (Public Relations) in place, Website complete (Up and running) and become knowledgeable of your information supplying in your book! Trust GOD the whole way! Even if it seems you are failing! Stay focused on what He has for you to do! Walk in Your Blessing!

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1 Response to #NewRelease Tarnished Dreams by Madelyn R. Bass

  1. Madelyn Bass says:

    Jump Start your day with something meaningful! Ms. Boyd is a Blessing to so many, not just for the Interviews she shares but her heart, her desire to help other share their journey in order to help others Heal! You are special, important enough to be chosen by God to complete an assignment of Encouragement!

    Thank you and Continued Blessings!
    Madelyn Bass

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