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Tia McCollorsAbout the Author

Tia McCollors used to dream of being a television news anchor, but her destiny led her behind the pages instead of in front of the cameras. After earning a degree in Journalism and Mass Communications from UNC-Chapel Hill, she went on to build a successful career in the public relations industry. In 1999, a job layoff prompted Tia to discover and pursue a writing career as an author. Following the birth of her son in 2006, she left the corporate arena to focus on her family and her expanding writing and speaking business.

Tia’s first novel, A Heart of Devotion, was an Essence Magazine bestseller. She followed her popular debut with four other inspirational novels including Zora’s Cry, The Truth About Love, The Last Woman Standing, and Steppin’ Into The Good Life. In 2012, she released If These Shoes Could Talk, her first devotion book of The Prissy Purse Devotions series. Friday Night Love is Tia’s sixth novel.


Tell us about your book.

If I had to pick three words to describe Friday Night Love, I’d choose LOVE, FORGIVENESS and REDEMPTION.  Unfortunately infidelity seems to try and destroy many marriages, and Christian marriages are no exception. Roman Maxwell had committed adultery and his wife Zenja put him out of the house. After a year she’s set to move on with her life as a single mother of two. But there’s a hitch in Zenja’s plan when Roman returns home, vowing to put his family and his marriage back together.

How did you come up with ideas for this book?

After hearing story after story about marriages facing infidelity, I decided it was an issue I wanted to address. Often times, the wives who reconcile with their husbands are criticized. But truth be told, we never know what we’d do unless we’re forced to walk in those high-heeled shoes ourselves. There’s more than one side to every story.

What was the most difficult aspect of writing this book?

Truthfully, almost every sentence!  Not because of the subject, plot or characters but because I was pregnant! LOL! I was always sleepy, hungry and unfocused. Sometimes the simplest words seemed to escape me. But I made it through….word by word!

Why do you write? Is it something you’ve always done or wanted to do? Or is it something you started fairly recently?

I’ve always been a story teller. I have a degree in Journalism and Mass Communications so it’s always been a passion of mine. I just never knew it would manifest in my life as an author – I was thinking reporter or public relations professional, which I did do for quite some time. My first book, A Heart of Devotion, released in 2005. It was an Essence Bestseller so to have my first novel be recognized and read by many was an honor and very humbling. I don’t plan to stop writing any time soon.

Any advice to give to aspiring writers?

I know it sounds simple, but WRITE! Many aspiring writers want to skip to researching the publishing process when they don’t have a complete manuscript. Writing is actually writing. It’s not thinking about it, it’s not researching it, it’s not jotting down notes or talking about it. It’s sitting your hind parts in the seat and working word-by-word, and sentence-by-sentence, and page-by-page, until it’s done.

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About the Book


Zenja Maxwell was widowed in her twenties; she never thought she’d be a divorcée, too. Yet that’s the destiny she resigns herself to after learning of her husband’s dalliance with infidelity and kicking him out of the house. She plans a cruise with her best friend, Caprice, to take her mind off Roman and celebrate moving on with her life.

But Caprice won’t let her give up that easily, especially when Roman seems committed to reconciling. She and her husband invite Zenja and Roman to Friday Night Love, a weekly event for couples. Zenja hesitates, but the promise of food and fellowship prevails. She figures she can put up with Roman for one night.

At the events, the women are issued a series of Bible-based challenges designed to help them cultivate respect for their husband. Zenja struggles at first; she isn’t even sure she wants to rekindle the relationship. But Roman is persistent in his pursuit of her, even when he finds out that she nearly cheated on him. Through tragedies, triumphs, and trusted friends, the couple learns never to underestimate the Author of marriage when husbands and wives surrender to Him.

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